Levin Da CostaLevin Da Costa

Mr. Levin Da Costa, a Goan born entrepreneur now based in New Zealand, has been part of the Real Estate, Hospitality, Tourism & Events Industries for the last 20 years.

He has been involved in some major development projects in Goa, including “Villa Paradiso” a landmark joint venture development with Tata Housing (A TATA group subsidiary). He has owned, managed and operated several resorts/hospitality properties including the “Baywatch Resort” in Goa. He continues his involvement in the real estate, hospitality and tourism sectors in India.

Over the last few years Levin founded the Ultimate Global Group, a New Zealand based conglomerate involved in multi faceted activities mainly in the Asia Pacific Region. Besides its core business of Real Estate Development the group is also involved in Hospitality & Tourism, Events, Food and Lifestyle activities.

Under the leadership of Levin Da Costa, the Group currently has several real estate projects in New Zealand, Malaysia, India & Bali and proposes to expand into South America, Australia and the UK in the near future. The Group is also aggressively expanding its tourism and hospitality foot print in the Asia Pacific region.

The Ultimate Global Group is a New Zealand based conglomerate involved in multifaceted business activities in the Asia Pacific region. Its major businesses include Real Estate Developments, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Events and Tourism. Over time, the Ultimate Global Group has spread its brands to various regions within the Asia Pacific region.